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About Us
MotoGroup USA is an industry leader in providing motorcycle enthusiasts with an array of products from cycle care and rider accessories to extended service contracts.

As avid motorcycles riders for decades, and having owned motorcycles ranging from European exotics and Japanese sport bikes to touring bikes and Harley Davidson cruisers, the founding team of MotoGroup USA developed a variety of products to ensure you enjoy and protect your motorcycles on the road or on the racetrack.

Though MotoShield and MotoGrip are available direct to the consumer, MotoGroup USA products were developed with Dealerships in mind.

MotoGroup USA’s Dealership Product Offerings Include:
  • MotoShield Paint Protection Film can be installed by our team of certified installers at your dealership. Custom templates for the MotoShield film are already created for almost all motorcycles, meaning the material is available with very little lead time to you! Purchase full kits or buy ala carte. Parts in the kits vary depending on the bike style. Examples of what this film covers include: bag tops, tank covers, side covers, headlights and fenders.
  • Install MotoGrip on your fleet of sport bikes. This non-slip nano fiber technology assists the rider in gripping the bike with his/her legs, furthering control and easing unnecessary stress caused on the body without the extra grip.
  • Help eliminate the hassle riders/passengers have carrying around their riding jackets and leather. Offer MotoSling in your retail shop! This light, yet durable non-intrusive sling wraps around the torso for a hands free way of carrying leathers and riding jackets.
  • Extended Service Contracts are always of interest to motorcycle owners. The MotoGuard Service Contract offers your customer two levels of coverage and optional benefits. MotoGuard ensures your customer has that extra needed protection in the event of a breakdown.
MotoShield and MotoGrip retail kits are available for the consumer to purchase. Step-by-step instructions are provided as well as videos for ease of at-home installation.

Call MotoGroup USA for further information on all or any of the MotoGroup products!
"I was impressed by the MotoShield from the moment I saw it, or didn't see as the case may be. I fully expected to see a line or differentiation between the painted parts with the MotoShield as opposed to the parts without MotoShield. There was none! The MotoShield is literally invisible. The only time I know it is there is when my passenger drags her heel across my saddlebag and the resulting scuff mark wipes right off. Thanks MotoGroup!"

Mario V.
General Manager of Glendale Harley Davidson